• Damasteel RWL34™ 3.2 x 32 x 500 mm
  • Damasteel RWL34™ 3.2 x 32 x 500 mm

Damasteel RWL34™ 3.2 x 32 x 500 mm

Damasteel® RWL34™ 3.2 x 32 x 500 mmOțel PM inoxidabil de la DAMASTEEL Suediahttps://damasteel.se/Damasteel® RWL34™ Martensitic SteelA martensitic, stainless, hardenable and non pat..

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Damasteel® RWL34™ 3.2 x 32 x 500 mm

Oțel PM inoxidabil de la DAMASTEEL Suedia


Damasteel® RWL34™ Martensitic Steel

A martensitic, stainless, hardenable and non patterned steel. Like the Damascus patterned steels it is a rapidly solidified powder steel for highest edge strength. RWL34™ is one of the two steel grades used in DS93X™ martensitic knife steel. A particular successful product with very high strength and toughness combined with extreme edge sharpness that is easy to maintain.

  • Patented Powder Metallurgy product.
  • Solid Steel Technology™ resulting in a homogenous product.
  • Highest cleanliness with no inclusions.
  • Incomparable toughness and strength.
  • Excellent edge retention and corrosion resistance.
  • Superior edge sharpness and cutting ability.
  • Top quality and easy to work with ensures perfect result.

Damasteel RWL34™ data sheet: https://damasteel.se/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Data-Sheet-RWL34.pdf

Powder Metallurgical Steel Manufacturing

Gas atomization is a process to manufacture high quality metal powders. During the gas atomization process, molten steel is atomized by inert gas jets into fine metal droplets, which cool down during their decent in the atomizing tower. Metal powders obtained by gas-atomization offer a perfectly spherical shape combined with a high level of cleanliness. After the atomization process, powders are collected in a capsule, which is sealed and then compacted by Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP). HIP is a process to densify gas-atomized metal powders, through the combination of high gas pressure and high temperature. The HIP process takes place in a HIP furnace where the gas pressure acts uniformly in all directions, hence providing isostatic properties and 100% densification. The semi-finished capsule is then further processed by forging and rolling into suitable dimensions for the required patterning process.


In many ways, the steel industry developed Sweden into a modern and internationally competitive society. Not least in the area surrounding the successful iron industry villages in Northern Uppland. In 1676, the manufacture of anchors began at a mill in Söderfors. Through a new forge welding technique, the final product was stronger and better than anything before. Several steel industries rapidly developed in the village. Some of them, including Scana Steel and Erasteel, continue Söderfors’s steel tradition today.

It was also Erasteel that in 1992 initiated the collaboration that would lead to the formation of a new company – and an international patent. Per Billgren, employee at Erasteel, and Kaj Embretsen, smith and knife maker, together developed a method for manufacturing high-alloy Damascus patterned steel via powder metallurgy. Following method winning the ”Innovation of the year” prize at the EPMA-conference in Paris in 1994, the step was taken to start the company Damasteel®. Damasteel® today is the youngest steel company in revered Söderfors that carries over 300 years of tradition forward. The skilled smiths have all the unique expertise in both steel production and design.

The high-tech process to manufacture stainless Damascus patterned steel is combined with a genuine craftsmanship and intimacy with the client. A fascination for the mythical Damascus steel exists at Damasteel®. Even today, beauty has its natural place in the world of steel.

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